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New Hunter Transmogs

Posted 24/9/2019

Well I did go back to World of Warcraft! I had initially decided to level my characters to 115 where they could keep their artifacts and also their legendaries. I had read how that from level 116 to 119 it was hard and then hitting 120, it was a massive decline in DPS etc, making it more of a chore than enjoyable playing.

Now I have never been interested in getting the best of everything, I was not a raider, hate dungeons etc (burnt out of a lot of that playing a cleric in EverQuest!) I was always quite happy to toddle off and do my own thing. I really love running old content doing transmog runs (something I think a majority of players enjoy!)

After I got cancer back, I had a bit of time off work. I decided to risk leveling a characater to 120. It was a bit of a dilemia deciding who I thought would be best for me to play. I am not a good player, I am slow, reactions etc are not very good any more, plus the medications etc do not help, tiredness and all the rest. Thinking which one would get me there. It came down to a choice between Warlock and Hunter. What finally decided it was Feign death of the hunter would peobably give me a lot more survivability! (It did!)

So, I did a bit of reading up, and I decided I would complete the Horde quest zones. I would try and get at least the quest achievement for that!

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Cancer Update - September 2019

Posted 12/9/2019

Two weeks ago, I had another scan. This will be regular now for the rest of my life. My chemo can stop working at any time, so regular scans are important to check on how my cancer is reacting. Knowing this, it makes you apprehensive all the time when your scan is due, up to the point yoy are with your oncologist to get your results.

The two week wait between scan and results is horrible. No matter how hard you try, it leaves you feeling helpless. Everyone has their onw different coping methods. There is no right or wrong way. You do what works for you.

I have learnt (the hard way) to not think positivly on the outcome, but to actually fear the worst. I found that way, if they news is devastating, I have already accepted that, and have found it a lot easier to cope with. Also it means, the only way is up!

Most appouintments I can hppily manage on my own, but when the results are due, my son always goes with me. This time, I am glad he did, but and not for the most obvious reason!

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When Hosting Goes Wrong

Posted 8/9/2019

What happens when your hosting company drops a ball so big, so devastating, that it wipes out all your work and you have to start again? Well, thats what happened to me.

TsoHost LogoTsoHost LogoI have been doing websites for 20 years or more. I started with old NTL webspace, moved to Virgin, bought my own domain, moved over to that, then moved hosting serveral times since.

One thing I have found is writing your own websites takes a lot of time and effort. I have rewritten my websites so many times, it is something I hoped I wouldn't have to do again, especially from scratch.

I didnt want to start again, but this is what happened using Tsohost.

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Cancer Update

Posted 8/5/2019

michaela-jane (May 2019) - Cancer Warriormichaela-jane (May 2019) - Cancer WarriorJust over six months ago, by chance, it was found my breast cancer had returned. (See previos blog - Cancer Returns).

A little bit of chest pain, my surgeon decided to play safe and ordered me a CT scan, just to be sure. They had found a shadow on my chest and in a few other places.

After several more scans, in October 2018 I was diagnosed as secondary breast cancer of the bone. It was in my hip, pelvis, sternum and all over my back, with a couple of prominent growths, 1cm and 2 cm in size in my lower back.

I was started on a chemotherapy drug called Palbociclib (Ibrance) in conjunction with the Letrozole I had been taking for the previous two years to prevent the cancer from returning. I was also to start a bone strengthening injection in January called Denosumab.

This treatment is now for life, or should I say the life of the medication. It can stop working at any time. My cancer is incurable.

In January I had a follow up scan. On the 23rd of that monthI got the results. It showed that there were no new cancer spots that they could determine but there was still growth showing on my existing cancer from the previous scan. That is news no one wants to hear, but for me there was still a glimmer of hope. It was explained that there had been a delay between my initial diagnosis and the start of my chemo treatment. This had been due to me having all the other initial scans etc, helping to gather the scope of the cancer’s return. Once they had determined the full extent of my cancer, there had been a few weeks delay until I actually started the new Palbociclib chemotherapy treatment.

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Palbociclib Chemotherapy

Posted 19/11/2018

I have just started my second treatment of the new anti cancer drug Palbociclib. As with all medications, especially Ibrance PalbociclibIbrance Palbociclibchemotherapy drugs, there are side effects. I have had worse but they still had a negative impact on my daily life. The problem starting medication like this is that you do not know what side effects you will get until you get them.

I spent time reading forums of those who were on the initial trial, plus those who had started recent treatment. Like most things, side effects varied greatly between people, some hardly having any effects at all, others had devastating side effects and some even having to end taking the medication. There was also a difference in the effectiveness of the treatment. Time will tell with me I guess.

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You Are Never Cancer Free

Posted 9/10/2018

I see messages and comments from people who have had cancer all the time and so many say they are cancer free. I never Now fighting bone cancerNow fighting bone cancerthought that way as I think it lulls you into a false state of security.

Once you have had cancer, you are never free. You may be in remission or symptom free but I say, once cancer has devastated it way into your body, it is still there, waiting. You may be lucky it never returns, but I think you are just one of the very luck ones.

A lot of people sadly do not know they have cancer back until they have symptoms, and then those are often dismissed. Too many people find out they have cancer back when it is too late.

I can remember asking my doctor when I was recovering from my treatment how I would know if cancer had returned. He just kinda shrugged and said when you have symptoms. I was even more surprised to find out that apart from a yearly mammogram basically I would not have any other scans.

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Oneplus6 vs Note3

Posted 5/10/2018

My new Oneplus 6 handsetMy new Oneplus 6 handsetI’m a geek, a gamer and a gadget lover. I’m not a real techie but I love to dabble! I

When I finally bought a new phone, it was with much regret.  I had decided that I would finally upgrade my current Note 3 handset as I had noticed more and more apps were unsupported, plus my phone had just started to act a tad funny at times.

The quest was on to find a new handset as, to this point I had never found anything close to my beloved rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

But where would I find a new phone? Well it began when my friend Janine came to visit. I had known Janine for a few years and she became my best friend. She also became one of my towers of strength during my cancer battle. 

Anyway, back to the story. Her phone was running out of charge. It was a Windows phone but on plugging it in to charge it, I noted the nice huge crisp display, one of the biggest selling points for me! It got me searching.

After days of research, link to link, review to review, I came across a phone company I had never heard of before. Oneplus. Made in china. Hmmm. But the reviews time after time were overwhelmingly positive if not glowing.

I have decided to give my own opinion regarding my upgrade story from my wonderful Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to the newest Oneplus handset at the time, the Oneplus 6.

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Cancer Returns

Posted 26/9/2018

Secondary Breast Cancer In The BoneSecondary Breast Cancer In The BoneTwo years ago I fought breast cancer. Since then I have suffered some long term after effects of the treatment, the first is hair loss from the medications. I have lost a great deal of hair, I always had fine hair but masses of it. I had loads of hair.

Now I have lost about 40%, its so thin and it is not me. Even though it is growing and now is quite long, I still use my wig to take my daily photos of me now. I still have not yet gained the confidence to go without it.

The second long term side effect is and chronic fatigue. This really does take a heavy toll on my daily life but as most others I have found a way manage it and move on as best I can. Things that most people take for granted I dream of.

So, today is an update of what is happening now. (The clue is in the blog title!)

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I Played EverQuest

Posted 29/10/2017

I still have my Original EverQuest Full Game giveaway disc I still have my Original EverQuest Full Game giveaway disc I am a fantasy gamer. I love playing RPGs & MMORPGs. I played many fantasy games starting on my first computer, a commodore 64. I then upgraded to a massive Amiga 1200. Finally I embraced the world of windows based personal computers, the PC.

I soon found my first PC just couldn't keep up with the advances being made in the games, so I taught myself how to upgrade computers!

Each week I bought the latest PC gaming mags, especially for the free disks, demos etc. One day PCzone gave away a full copy of the MMORPG EverQuest! It was everything I had been waiting for. I began playing the game which changed my view of fantasy games for ever. The classes, races, magical world! I was hooked.

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World Of Warcraft Transmogs - Mage

Posted 27/10/2017

In my last blog I posted images for my Transmog ideas for my World Of Warcraft Hunters and Warlocks. Today I am looking at the Mage. They come in three flavours Arcane, Fire & Frost. I found the Arcane class easiest to play, and Fire hardest with Frost being somewhat in the middle.

I first got a feel for playing a caster when I started playing EverQuest years ago. It has already been acknowledged that EverQuest was the forerunner to all modern MMORPGs. I started playing EQ when I received a free copy of the game with PC Gamer magazine. I still have that disc! I installed and logged in. High Elf mage called Saathsilver. That was my starting point. I never looked back. I feel in love with the magic that was the roleplay games. (See my blog I Played EverQuest)

Anyway, after years playing EverQuest I eventually retired and moved onto this new, very colourful game called world Of Warcraft. Once again, I had a free copy of the game to try. Did I play a caster? No lol, I was fascinated by the Hunter, they had amazing pets! My Warcraft adventure started with a hunter. It would be Burning Crusade that brought us the Blood elves that would inspire me to make my first Mage.


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