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Posted 25/10/2017

I have played World of Warcraft for years but when the latest expansion came out, Legion, I lost all interest in the game. The changes that were made impacted gameplay right down to level 1 and it became a game of pushing maybe 1 button, waiting to refresh before you pressed it again. This latest expansion also forced players to run dungeons and even raid to advance anywhere further in the game. Add to that fact your "artefact" that you get at the start of that expansion is your only real usable weapon, plus the absolute mega nerf of my favourite expansion Warlords of Draenor just finally removed any further desire for me to log in.

Don't get me wrong, I know they have to keep reinventing the game, but as an online player who burnt out grouping etc in EverQuest playing a cleric, I enjoyed running around the WoW world doing my own thing. By removing so many abilities and putting them on your artefact weapon, it had severe impact and consequences all the way down the line.

This expansion also removed a lot of "fun" elements from the game. Wow became, as far as I can see, a hardcore raiding game. I do miss it, but all the fun has been taken out. Everything that I used has gone. I can't even enjoy the garrison as the nerfs (which as far as I am concerned were to heavy) basically were done to force out anyone who wanted to keep playing that content as well as screwing over new players who want to play through the expansion.

The main thing I miss not playing the game now is the transmog or its official name Transmogrification. I just loved exploring old content looking for new looks! The changes brought out with Legion, for me, made it a lot more difficult. I am not a good enough player to go raiding etc, and I learnt the WoW is very cruel to anyone who even drops to 99.99% of perfection in this gaming environment.

I enjoyed setting my characters in matching outfits and if I did not like a particular item in the set, I looked for a replacement until I had achieved the look I was after. This was such an enjoyable part of the game as it required not set time to play, being able to log in and out as and when I was able, even being to go AFK (away from keyboard) whenever I liked. (Real life comes first!)

I have below put my favourite transmogs for my Hunters and Warlocks when I first started transmogging. (when time allows I will try and add the hyperlinks to WoWhead for the items)

I will try to get the updated transmogs uploaded as soon as possible.

Meanwhile I hope you like these original looks!


My Hunter Transmog Collection.

The hunter class is great fun, and I especially enjoy going round collecting pets! I love cats but I do tend to find pets to match up with my hunters transmog sets. I also do like being different in finding leg slots that are actually skirts of kilts rather than leggings. I think it gives the hunter a unique and more individual look. These are my favourite transmog Hunter transmogs I have created.

 Hunter Transmog - Purple Set

Headdress Of The Tides

Mantle Of The Seawolf

Cloak Of The Banshee Queen

Harness Of The Deep Currents

Thundercallers Gauntlets

Stillwater Girdle

Oceansong Kilt

Ironfeather Longbow

Hunter Transmog - Bronze Set 

Mail Combat Headguard

Pauldrons Of Furious Elements

Rageclaw Cloak

Raider's Chestpiece

Inferno Forged Gloves

Girdle of the Dauntless Conqueror

Brittle Flamereaver Leggings

Golden Bow of Quel'Thelas

Hunter Transmog - Blue Set 

Streamworker Goggles

Undying Spauldons

Shroud of Redeemed Souls

Nexus-Strider Breastplate

Spiritwalker Gauntlets

Gronnstalkers Belt

Frozen Forest Kilt

Crypt Fiend Slayer


My Warlock Transmog Sets

Here is my collection of Warlock Transmogs. I am still in the process of designing a new transmog set for one of them but as you can only attempt a raid zone one a week and with the very randomness of WoW  range, well it can take a while!


Warlock Transmog - Purple Set

Horns of the Left Hand Path

Shoulders of Ruinous Senility

Shroud of Luminosity

Robes of Azure Downfall

Shadow Council Gloves

Sorcerer's sash

Ephial's Grimoire

Warlock Transmog - Felsoul 

Horns of the Left Hand Path

Felsoul Shouldepads

Long Silken Drape

Felsoul Robe

Shadoweave Gloves

Mantisweave Cord

Felsoul Staff

Warlock Transmog - Beige Set 

Cowl of Lights Purity

Shawl of Wonderment

Winding Sheet

Robes of Faltered light

Black Mageweave Gloves

Belt of the Malefic

Origin of Nightmares

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