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Oneplus6 vs Note3

Posted 5/10/2018

My new Oneplus 6 handsetMy new Oneplus 6 handsetI’m a geek, a gamer and a gadget lover. I’m not a real techie but I love to dabble! I

When I finally bought a new phone, it was with much regret.  I had decided that I would finally upgrade my current Note 3 handset as I had noticed more and more apps were unsupported, plus my phone had just started to act a tad funny at times.

The quest was on to find a new handset as, to this point I had never found anything close to my beloved rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

But where would I find a new phone? Well it began when my friend Janine came to visit. I had known Janine for a few years and she became my best friend. She also became one of my towers of strength during my cancer battle. 

Anyway, back to the story. Her phone was running out of charge. It was a Windows phone but on plugging it in to charge it, I noted the nice huge crisp display, one of the biggest selling points for me! It got me searching.

After days of research, link to link, review to review, I came across a phone company I had never heard of before. Oneplus. Made in china. Hmmm. But the reviews time after time were overwhelmingly positive if not glowing.

I have decided to give my own opinion regarding my upgrade story from my wonderful Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to the newest Oneplus handset at the time, the Oneplus 6.

I went ahead and made my order on their website. That’s where I had my first hiccup. I ordered my handset, 256gb in black. I went for the biggest one, well what the hell! I am alive today, I may as well enjoy my life today! Well it turned out that when I placed my order I “could” have got a few freebies, headphones, case etc, but no where on me site did I actually see the free offers, I saw the My new Oneplus 6 (left) beside my old Galaxy Note 3 (right)My new Oneplus 6 (left) beside my old Galaxy Note 3 (right)accessories I could buy but I never saw the free offers. It would have been nice when you went to pay there was something like “hey you haven’t added any freebies” but nothing. I found out a couple of days later. Talking to their support it was basically “tough”.

I was at that point VERY tempted to just send it back and have a rethink.  It turned out my handset would be coming from Germany. I decided oh well, I learnt my lesson from Oneplus.

I received my new handset a few days later. It was lovely, felt nice, looked nice, it was bright and was fast. I was sold, so I decided I would begin to transfer my data across. That is when I came across the next stumbling block.

They are all about their app Oneplus Switch. Yeah, ok, it’s great if you have upgraded from a very modern handset. Unfortunately for people like me who held on to a device because it still worked well, they still like the handset or had taken the time upgrading trying to find an equally good replacement, or just held on to it for longer than these tech giants want us to? Nope, my Note 3 was “Not Compatible”. Now it was a case of jumbling together different apps to get as much stuff over as I could, especially text messages, call logs etc.  It really was a carry on!  Eventually I had the majority of my data copied over.

I also do not use stock launchers. Once I found Nova launcher, I have remained with that as it does everything I want it to.

As I had rooted Note 3 basically as soon as I had bought it (it was from CEX, reconditioned A grade, buying it outright unlocked), I had it set up absolutely perfectly and I could factory reset and have it back to fully functioning in an hour due to Titanium backup. The new device was unrooted stock so my Titanium backup would not work. I was already at this point considering  rooting this new handset.

Lock Screen - Samsung Galaxy Note 3Lock Screen - Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Lock Screen - OnePlus 6Lock Screen - OnePlus 6

You can see from the two images the actual difference in the visable screen size between the two handsets. On the Note 3 I am able to customise the lock screen in more or less every aspect. The Oneplus 6 has no customisation apart from wallpaper and a small personal note. That is actually a very big let down.

Well I persevered and my new handset has been with me about a month. I am mostly impressed but there are a few “annoyances” that are still edging me to root.

So here are my views on my new upgrade and reasons why I am still considering rooting this device.

On the positive side, it is a beautiful handset with vivid colours. The fast charge is amazing but even the normal change is not too shabby.

It takes a LOT of setting up. Also going through every app to set battery optimisations etc. Even when you think you have set everything up some notifications just do not seem to come through until you open the app.

Persistent notifications. This is one of worst things that could be implemented. You check for notifications but a lot of them you can not even dismiss.

The stock alarm clock would give you a persistent notification that you have an upcoming alarm in 2 or 3 hours. If you dismissed that notification, you dismissed that alarm!

After a lot of trial and error I have at last found an alarm app with no pre alarm notification and I wake up to Absolute radio 70s! Love it! I even bought the paid version as it is so good.

Oneplus 6 – lacking a LOT of customization that Android was noted for.

No lock screen widgets, unable to make any changes to the lock screen at all except the wallpaper. I have found a fantastic live weather app with live wallpaper which I now use as my home and lock screen.

You are unable to remove or add different shortcuts to lock screen.

The choice of only 2 fonts and no way to add more. To be honest I can not even see a difference between the two stock fonts!

No music player! This was one of the bigger annoyances. It has taken me ages to be able to find a suitable player that did what I wanted. I finally settled for the Musicolet app and I am very happy with it now I have it correctly tweaked.

The stock gallery, jeez! Every single FB sticker was In my gallery, it stored practically every single image I had ever looked at! It has taken ages to find all those folders and add the .nomedia file to hide them, or delete the sticker sets. I have even changed to FB lite messenger to make sure they do not come back. I have also had to change to a different gallery app. This to me is a huge design flaw. The app I finally installed is called Simple Gallery.

Screen dim on a night only seems to work when you have adaptive brightness on, and as I find that a bit dark for me in many situations, again I have had to resort to another app to dim the screen on a night. (As of posting this I am still waiting on the Pie update that it seems fixes this problem. We will see)

No way to disable the blue on change light at night, so if you charge your phone while sleeping, that light is deceptively bright! That same light though as a notification light in the day seems very, well, dull!

So right now I am still waiting for the Android 9 Pie update that will be called Oxygen OS9 on the Oneplus.  This is supposed to be adding new features including a new AI system that learns how you use the brightness slider etc. Until I get this update I can not tell how much more customisation will be released.

I miss choosing my own fonts, my lock screen design, what icons are on the lock screen as well as a few other tweaks. The blue charging light at night also needs disabling. Once I see the phone is working right without problems (which it appears to be) I have a feeling I probably will root my new handset.

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UPDATE 2 - September 2019

I have not rooted this handset (due to ongoing personal circumstances!)

I can honestly say the phone is ok, but I still really really do miss my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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