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New Hunter Transmogs

Posted 24/9/2019

Well I did go back to World of Warcraft! I had initially decided to level my characters to 115 where they could keep their artifacts and also their legendaries. I had read how that from level 116 to 119 it was hard and then hitting 120, it was a massive decline in DPS etc, making it more of a chore than enjoyable playing.

Now I have never been interested in getting the best of everything, I was not a raider, hate dungeons etc (burnt out of a lot of that playing a cleric in EverQuest!) I was always quite happy to toddle off and do my own thing. I really love running old content doing transmog runs (something I think a majority of players enjoy!)

After I got cancer back, I had a bit of time off work. I decided to risk leveling a characater to 120. It was a bit of a dilemia deciding who I thought would be best for me to play. I am not a good player, I am slow, reactions etc are not very good any more, plus the medications etc do not help, tiredness and all the rest. Thinking which one would get me there. It came down to a choice between Warlock and Hunter. What finally decided it was Feign death of the hunter would peobably give me a lot more survivability! (It did!)

So, I did a bit of reading up, and I decided I would complete the Horde quest zones. I would try and get at least the quest achievement for that!

At this point I had accepted I would never manage to get flying in BfA. Bear in mind that I had said this in Wod - Got it - solo! Said the same in Legion - Got it! Plus all four allied races! I will also point out that I am a double agent! I play both Horde and Alliance. I like to see the story from both sides. I also only play certain classes. In this blog, I am focusing on my hunters of which I only play Marksman and Beast Master

Anyway I will continue my story as I follow up with my other transmogs for the classes I play. But, for now, as promised, here are my updated Hunter Transmogs.

Talizi - Blood Elf - Blue Hunter TransmogTalizi - Blood Elf - Blue Hunter Transmog

Helm - Bolt Action Headgun

Shoulder - Battlebound Spauldons

Cloak - Hidden

Chest - Nexus-Strider Breastplate

Gloves - Nexus-Strider Gloves

Waist - Malevolent Gladiator's Links of Accuracy

Legs - Nexus-Strider Legwraps

Feet - Nexus-Strider Greaves

Weapon - Hateful Gladiator's Long Bow

 Pet - Son Of Xolotal

Astaria - Night Elf - Blue Hunter TransmogAstaria - Night Elf - Blue Hunter Transmog

Night Warrior Skin / Eyes Customisation

Helm - Hidden

Shoulder - Nixod's Chain-Threshed Spaulders

Cloak - Hidden

Chest - Nexus-Strider Breastplate

Gloves - Nexus-Strider Gloves

Waist - Chitin Linked Chain Belt

Legs - Nexus-Strider Legwraps

Feet - Nexus-Strider Greaves

Weapon - Hateful Gladiator's Long Bow

 Pet - Runed Darkhound

Tinkleboom - Hunter Transmog -  Gnome Heritage ArmourTinkleboom - Hunter Transmog - Gnome Heritage Armour

Helm - G.E.A.R. Heritage Armour

Cloak - Hidden

Shoulder- G.E.A.R. Heritage Armour

Chest - G.E.A.R. Heritage Armour

Gloves - G.E.A.R. Heritage Armour

Waist - G.E.A.R. Heritage Armour

Legs - G.E.A.R. Heritage Armour

Feet - G.E.A.R. Heritage Armour

Tabard - Gnomeregan Tabard

Weapon - Thas'dorah, Legacy Of The Windrunners

Pet - Pink Crane

Izzybits - Goblin - Red Hunter TransmogIzzybits - Goblin - Red Hunter Transmog

Helm - Hidden

Shoulder - Primal Combatant's Spaulders

Cloak - Hidden

Chest - Primal Combatant's Chain Armour

Gloves - Primal Combatant's Chain Gauntlets

Waist - Primal Combatant'sWaistguard Of Prowess

Legs - Primal Combatant's Chain Leggings

Feet - Primal Combatant's Chain Footguards

Weapon - Titanstrike

Pet - Armoured Red Rylak With Engines

Ashai - Blood Elf - Grey Hunter TransmogAshai - Blood Elf - Grey Hunter Transmog

Helm - Hidden

Shoulder - Shoulderguards Of Intended Power

Cloak - Hidden

Chest - Arcane Ringed Tunic

Gloves -  Knight's Gaunlets

Waist - Hidden

Legs - arcane Ringed Greaves

Feet - Knigh's Boots

Weapon - Crossfire Carbine

Pet - Silver Cobra

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