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I Played EverQuest

Posted 29/10/2017

I still have my Original EverQuest Full Game giveaway disc I still have my Original EverQuest Full Game giveaway disc I am a fantasy gamer. I love playing RPGs & MMORPGs. I played many fantasy games starting on my first computer, a commodore 64. I then upgraded to a massive Amiga 1200. Finally I embraced the world of windows based personal computers, the PC.

I soon found my first PC just couldn't keep up with the advances being made in the games, so I taught myself how to upgrade computers!

Each week I bought the latest PC gaming mags, especially for the free disks, demos etc. One day PCzone gave away a full copy of the MMORPG EverQuest! It was everything I had been waiting for. I began playing the game which changed my view of fantasy games for ever. The classes, races, magical world! I was hooked.

I had even bought a second phone line to be able to stay online as much as I wanted to. (Even had that mini program that would auto dial and reconnect you after the two hour cut off! When it worked, I wouldnt even get logged out on disconnect!)

Ohh those were the days...

I played EQ for about 8 years before retiring. Afterwards I entered the world of EverQuest 2 for a while abefore eventually ventured into the World of Warcraft.


There are different genres of game, sport, stategy, platform, shooter, racing and many others. My type is role playing games (RPG). Role playing games are where you play a fictional character in a fictional setting. You usually can design your character to your own liking, sex, race, class, height, hair style and colour, name and class. Some have premade characters (like Diablo) but many let you design your own character from a basetype setting.

Everquest - Scars Of Velious, one of the very many EQ expansionsEverquest - Scars Of Velious, one of the very many EQ expansions


They are massively multiplayer online role-playing games. You create a character, a persona of yourself from various races and class, from elves to ogres and from fighters to casters. After selecting a server, you then enter a fantasy world where you can meet, play, talk and interact with other players from all round the world, all brought together within the fantasy gameworld you have just entered.

There are many different types of MMORPG that cover everything from everyday life (like the Sims) to scifi (Star Wars), Super-hero (City of Heroes / Villians) Sports (Football Manager) Historical (Rise of Empires) and finally the fantasy genre which is the most popular of all.

The biggest drawback with MMORPGs is the timesink. If you enjoy playing with loads of others in what are called guilds, then you can expect to play for several hours non stop, several nights a week! In fact most high end or end game guilds require you to be able to play at this level of attendance, but to those who do they then reap the rewards of items not available anywhere else in the game.

Rivalry is strong within each game to be the best, or the most "uber" player.

My EQ History

I got into EverQuest about 2001 when Shadows of Luclin was released, after getting a demo copy of the game from the front of a PC Gaming Magazine, and was addicted to the game for years, until I began raiding and eventually burnt out.  I have since retired but EverQuest was an amazing game to play at its height and to me is still the most immersive fantasy game there was. Playing on a US server meant most days I played it was dead.

I started with a wizard, Saathsilver, but as she grew I felt she was lacking something, so I tried a Dark Elf Cleric.

Being a cleric can be very rewarding, but can also be very very stressful, I had great fun on Saathy, but all as she grew, the pressure on her grew too. As in ALL MMOLRPG there is always a shortage of healers.. I loved playing my Mage but it was always Clerics in short supply so ended up joining a raiding guild on her. But raiding as a Cleric was hard work, stressful and took a hell of a lot of shite unless you were 100% perfect every minute. In the end I burnt out. Got to the stage I couldn't play her.

Needing a character that was stress free and enjoyable, a break from the cleric life, I tried a Magician, Mazzini, Dark Elf again!! The thing about magicians is, they are just total FUN! (especially when you can summon a monster pet too and run round newbie zones shouting help while a monster mob is following you!!!) I knew then I had found a way to relieve the pressure of playing a cleric.

Out of all the races of EverQuest I loved the Dark Elves the most, they are a challenge to play and really fun too, but most of all they are just soo sexy!!


During my playtime of in EQ, I ended up tagging along behind another player who had the misfortune to be in the same guild at the time, a Half-Elf ranger called Frebxb. After killing him many times, he taught me things, showed me zones and mobs I didn't even know where there. He became my friend, soul-mate and then, after trapping him,  my EQ partner, giving me the guidance I needed,  the strength that I lacked and the telling offs when I mucked up!  We ventured round Norrath, getting into all kinds of trouble, ohh those long corpse runs (I kinda miss that!).

Saathy evolved, hit 65, and I thought I would try the end game raiding, where Frebxb had already progressed to.  I spent a short while in a hardcore raiding guild. I enjoyed Empire, but just after I was made full member, the guild folded. This was at the release of the Gates of Discord expansion, that broke many guilds on EQ, and many guilds and players left the game. It was a sad time.

Some people from Empire stayed, and made a new guild, Pegasus, but it never felt the same, so I retired from raiding and went back to casual playing of EQ. With the fall of Pegasus there became a problem on Karana, a lack of a European English speaking hardcore end zone raiding guild. While this wasn't a problem for me, Frebxb needed to raid, constant challenges (beside me that is!), to beat the game, etc.

In the end we decided, after a lot of discussion, to change server so we went on to Antonius Bayle, the European Server. Frebxb joined a  hardcore raiding guild Darkwind one of the top 2 guilds on the server..

As for me, I tried top level raiding but it was just too demanding for me. It left no room for your own creativity. Rules about what AA points you had to spend where, etc, It wasnt me. Things happened and in the end, I retired from raiding. I continured playing as a very casual player for a while, able to do what I want with a few of my alts. Saathy was  more or less retired, only brought out to 2-box etc or play with Frebxb.

Eventually I retired from EverQuest. The game was moving more and more to end game raiding, hardcore playing and that wasn't for me. Anyway I already had my eye on a new game....

Priestess Saathy Solor (Main) (Retired)

Saathy Solor level 75 PrelateSaathy Solor level 75 PrelateWhen I started playing EverQuest I started with a high elf wizard called Saathsilver.

Well she was fun to play but each time I checked out the character creation screen the dark elves were calling to me. Well in the end I succumbed to the dark side! Saathy was my first dark elf and that's when I became an EQ addicted.

I made a who army of dark elf characters, they just fit in with my perfectly. Wizard, Magician, Necromancer, great fun, but like so many others one people knew you had a cleric, well like all MMORPGs there is always a shortage of healers.

Clerics can be very stressful to play, and sometimes you felt obligated to play that character as there were never enough online to do anything much.

After a while it became harder and harder to play Saathy, sometimes I felt trapped in this character, too often having to play cleric when I really didn't want to. It is very easy to burn out on a cleric. In the end I decided to start over and my Mage Mazzini became my main.

Saathy remained part of my 2-box cleric/mage combo but I stoped playing her in pickup groups etc, in fact by the end she only came out to play when Frebxb needed a cleric!

Mistress Mazzini Solor (Main) (Retired)

Level 75 Arch Magus

Mazzini became my main character, summoner of the epic pet, always getting into trouble, running amok, and generally having fun. I never got tired of playing her, she was just too much fun.

The summon monster pet ability made farming and lower level questing so enjoyable as you always had a different pet depending on what zone you were in.

Magician Mazzini Solor with the four Elemental Pets Air - Fire - Water and EarthMagician Mazzini Solor with the four Elemental Pets Air - Fire - Water and EarthEach of the main elemental pets had a different ability. Depending on the situation you could summon the best pet for the job at hand either as a support like DPS pet or even in some circumstances as the main tank.

Earth pet = root
Air pet = stun
Water pet = backstab
Fire pet = damage shield

The epic pet had both stun and ds abilities as well as higher amount of HP and also more aggro control meaning it could tank a lot better than the other pets. My only disappointment with the epic pet was it had an air elemental look, it really should have had a unique appearance.

The best thing about magicians is they can do so much, and great fun running through a newbie area with a monster pet on your heels. Of all the classes I played, Magician was definitely my favourite class of all.

Most (If not all!) My EverQuest Characters


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