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Demon Hunter Transmogs

Posted 29/9/2019

I had never played a melee class in World Of Warcraft. I had played a Dark elf Shadow Knight in EverQuest years ago! It was hard work. I am not really designed for melee! It was in EverQuest I found my love of caster classes. That would continue into World of Warcraft. All that changed when I tried the Demon Hunter in legion.

I had. like may others, bought the expansion early so I was able to go in and start messing with them before general release. I decided early on that that they were fun. Please note, I have only played Havoc spec. I have not tried Vengeance, and do not think I will.

My biggest gripe with the Demon Hunter is they as so far behind in transmog options. The wonderful armour drops in Pandaria that “create an item for your spec” does not include that class.

Then of course Legion had only the starter weapon mogs, a new transmog set from the invasions running up to the release of Legion and then when the Artefact came out, no other weapons in legion. With the release of BfA, I was hoping for a wonderful array of new warglaives and ugh! What boring weapons! World and quest drops are abysmal. I do not know what the drops are in the dungeons and raids as I do not partake in them but so far I am not impressed.

This class has been the hardest to find transmogs I really love, especially for the Night Elf race. I wish the Night Elf Demon Hunter had the option of the “Night Warrior” eyes, but nope! Night Elf really is the harder of the two races to find something I like. I am still twiddling and altering her set, and right now I am still not at the stage I can say, yes, she is done!

I do not play my demon Hunter as much as I used to. I found that Blizz heavily nerfed the class (as they always do - fun detected!) I do some transmog runs on them but they are not as fun to play as they were. Hunter and Mage remain my preferred class to play with warlock third.

I am still looking for ideas that I can use on the class but right now I am in the process of slowly getting all my characters to 120 plus writing blogs, work and rewriting my Gothwitch site. My time for everything is limited.

Below are my Havoc spec Demon Hunters. I have four as, like my other classes, I play over four different realms. I have one server that is only Alliance, then I play on three other servers that are Horde. I do not mix the factions on the same server. When I first starting playing in Vanilla, I had characters all over as I tried different race/class combinations. Over time I took advantage of Blizz discounts etc and finally settled on the server setup I have now Oh, I do not PvP either.

I just wish there was a better variation of glaives in the game. I think, even in BfA, they are lacking in both number and design.

Demon Hunter Red Transmog - Kiari - HordeDemon Hunter Red Transmog - Kiari - Horde

Helm - Hidden

Shoulder - Shoulderpads Of The Silvermoon Retainer

Cloak - Cloak Of Blade turning

Chest - Burnt Leather Vest

Gloves - Crystalbinder Gloves

Waist - Cinidaria, The Symbiote

Legs - Burnt Leather Breeches

Feet - Bard's Boots

Weapon - Replica Blood Guard's Cleaver (X2)

Demon Hunter Grey Transmog - Kinaria - HordeDemon Hunter Grey Transmog - Kinaria - Horde

Helm - Raddon's Cascading Eyes

Shoulder - Hidden

Cloak - Windswept Dinorider's cape

Chest - Chestguard Of Insidious Desire

Gloves - Hidden

Waist - Freehold Belt

Legs - Crimsonwood Breeches

Feet - Nethefiend Treads

Weapon - Slithershell Warglaive (X2)

Demon Hunter Red Grey Transmog - Kilaria - HordeDemon Hunter Red Grey Transmog - Kilaria - Horde

Helm - Hidden

Shoulder - Shoulderpads Of The Silvermoon Retainer

Cloak - Hidden

Chest - Chestguard Of Insidious Desire

Gloves - Hidden

Waist - Felbound Waistchain

Legs - Blackwater Leggings

Feet - Unrepentant Heels

Weapon - Twinblades Of The Deciever

Demon Hunter Black White Transmog - Kikari - AllianceDemon Hunter Black White Transmog - Kikari - Alliance Helm - Raddon's Cascading Eyes

Shoulder - Hidden

Cloak - Hidden

Chest - Hidden

Shirt - Seli's Silk Shirt

Gloves - Hidden

Waist - Bandit Cinch

Legs - Bandit Pants

Feet - Bandit Boots

Weapon - Cloudstriker's Waraxe (X2)

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