My name is Michaela-Jane. I have a name that I love, but I also have a name that most people pronounce wrong. My name is Mee-ki-la, it is NOT Me-KAY-la!

So who am I?

I am a Pagan Eclectic Grey Witch. I am The GothWitch.

I am single, in my mid 50s and in 2016 I survived breast cancer. In 2018 I was diagnosed with Bone cancer. So the battle begins again.

Cancer changes you. It changes how you look at life, how you live your life.

I have always been a geek. I love computers, gadgets and electronic paraphernalia. I was the only girl at my school who took computer studies as an option! This was back in the days of the old basic language. My first computer was a Commodore 64, then I upgraded to to an Amiga 500. After that I went the whole hog and created a custom set up Amiga 1200 with internal hard driver, a trio of floppy drives, double cassette deck with its own high res monitor. It was great playing those old games and I still miss the simplicity of them. Eventually the lure of the Windows PC became to great, times were moving on, and I sold my whole setup (too cheaply too! I should have kept it all, hindsight is a gift we sadly miss).

I bought a windows 95 PC. I had to begin learning all over again. I soon found out how it need decent graphics to play these modern games so asking my brother (who worked with PCs) to help with the upgrade, I asked him to fit me a graphics card. Off my PC went to York to get its upgrade. Came back a week a later and I was playing the new games. I love tinkering and of course it wasn't long until I was inside my PC learning about it and discovered my own brother had conned me! Learning more abut how a PC worked, I discovered that they had not fitted a graphic card like I asked (and paid £100 for!) he had just increased the onboard graphics from 2mb to 4mb! Wow, 4mb was still big in those days! ohhh I was mad!

Next project, build my own PC! And I did! Bought all the bits from Dabs online, printed off 3 pages of instructions on my old dot matrix printer, switched my PC off and rebuilt a new, faster, better PC for gaming! I became PC self-sufficient.

Having a mother and son who were also getting into this PC gaming malarkey, it soon became a problem getting on my PC, having to share my pride and joy with the other two. So the solution was build more PCs, and that is what I ended up doing. Soon we lived in a house with 3 PCs and it was just in time I got that sorted as I suddenly came into procession of a free disc to trial a huge new online game... EverQuest. With our new dedicated always connected internet line, I became an online gamer. Still learning about this online stuff, the next thing was a website. Why? Just because I could!

In approximately 1998 I created my first website on a free domain address given to me by my ISP. It was a little website I put together about me, my pets plus a little about my life. Over the years my website changed but I never really cared if anyone saw it because it was something I simply had always wanted to do.

In 2001 I started my GothWitch project that I based around my Pagan life. It started out again on the free webspace allowance from my ISP but as it slowly grew and expanded, I realized that I finally needed a proper domain name.

I spent a while deciding what I wanted but my preferred domain name was at the time taken. As I waited I kept looking through the domain lists, trying different names but then one day I realized that the release date of the domain I really wanted was was getting closer and closer.

So, I registered with a domain company. I watched, and waited, and watched, and waited. Then, it was there, available, the domain I wanted! I bought it. My dream domain was www.gothwitch.co.uk

During 2015 there were a lot of changes in circumstances, time, health and personal life that made me look again at where I was and what I was doing. At the beginning of 2016 I took a decision that I knew would be difficult but had to be done. I decided to end my management of the external website projects and to concentrate from then on my own work.

I try and keep my websites simple, and for that reason there are NO adverts on any of my websites (plus I hate going onto other websites that are absolutely so full of adverts you can not even find the content!). My websites are not here to make money, I do this for the enjoyment I get from it. I do what I do because it is fun. I do not worry if my sites are not in the top 100, click views etc. I just hope anyone landing here will take something away with them, however small that is. If others enjoy or find useful anything that I have done then that is a bonus.

In early 2016 everything came to a stop when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a long battle I am back and finally getting a little time and energy to sort out my websites. Due to current circumstances I have reduced the number of websites to 3, my portal site which links to my blog site (here) and my GothWitch site. I have reduced the content on my Gothwitch site which was huge. It is now more manageable. I am now keeping things simple.

Update - It is now 2018 and I have just been diagnosed with Secondary breast cancer of the bone, to which I have written a blog about the Cancer return of course! Life goes on, you keep fighting, you keep smiling. Every day you do your best.

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