Palbociclib Chemotherapy

Posted 19/11/2018

I have just started my second treatment of the new anti cancer drug Palbociclib. As with all medications, especially chemotherapy drugs, there are side effects. I have had worse but they still had a negative impact on my daily life. The problem starting medication like this is that you do not know what side effects you will get until you get them.

Ibrance Palbociclib 125mgIbrance Palbociclib 125mg

I spent time reading forums of those who were on the initial trial, plus those who had started recent treatment. Like most things, side effects varied greatly between people, some hardly having any effects at all, others had devastating side effects and some even having to end taking the medication. There was also a difference in the effectiveness of the treatment. Time will tell with me I guess.

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You're Never Cancer Free

Posted 9/10/2018

I see messages and comments from people who have had cancer all the time and so many say they are cancer free. I never thought I fought breast cancer. I am now fighting bone cancerI fought breast cancer. I am now fighting bone cancerthat way as I think it lulls you into a false state of security. Once you have had cancer, you are never free. You may be in remission or symptom free but I say, once cancer has devastated it way into your body, it is still there, waiting.

A lot of people sadly do not know they have cancer back until they have symptoms, and then those are often dismissed. Too many people find out they have cancer back when it is too late.

I can remember asking my doctor when I was recovering from my treatment how I would know if cancer had returned. He just kinda shrugged and said when you have symptoms. I was even more surprised to find out that apart from a yearly mammogram basically I would not have any other scans. All this makes me scared for others because I was extremely lucky my cancer was found. It was also a shock to learn my initial bone scan was nearly cancelled as my specialist was certain it was not cancer.

Once I had the final diagnosis of my bone cancer, being told I had a 1cm and 2cm cancer growth on my spine, it also dawned on me that I was supposed to be on treatment to prevent the cancer from returning.

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Oneplus 6 vs Note 3

Posted 5/10/2018

My Oneplus 6 handsetMy Oneplus 6 handsetI’m a geek, a gamer and a gadget lover. I’m not a techie! I have decided to give my own opinion regarding my upgrade from my wonderful Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to the newest (at the time) Oneplus handset, the Oneplus 6.

I bought a new phone, finally. It was with much regret I decided I would finally upgrade my current Note 3 handset as I had noticed more and more apps were unsupported, plus my phone had just started to act a tad funny at times. The quest was on to find a new handset as, to this point I had never found anything close to my beloved rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

But where would I find a new phone? Well it began when my friend Janine came to visit. I had known Janine for a few years and she became my best friend. She also became one of my towers of strength during my cancer battle.  Anyway, back to the story. Her phone was running out of charge. It was a Windows phone but on plugging it in to charge it, I noted the nice huge crisp display, one of the biggest selling points for me! It got me searching.

After days of research, link to link, review to review, I came across a phone company I had never heard of before. Oneplus. Made in china. Hmmm. But the reviews time after time were overwhelmingly positive if not glowing.

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Cancer Returns

Posted 26/9/2018

Breast Cancer Care leaflet - Secondary Breast Cancer In The BoneBreast Cancer Care leaflet - Secondary Breast Cancer In The BoneTwo years ago I fought breast cancer. Since then I have suffered some long term after effects of the treatment, the first is hair loss from the medications. I have lost a great deal of hair, I always had fine hair but masses of it. I had loads of hair. Now I have lost about 40%, its so thin and it is not me. Even though it is growing and now is quite long, I still use my wig to take my daily photos of me now. I still have not yet gained the confidence to go without it. 

The second long term side effect is and chronic fatigue. This really does take a heavy toll on my daily life but as most others I have found a way manage it and move on as best I can. Things that most people take for granted I dream of. Every day, to get through my afternoon shift at work, I have to rest, sleep in the middle of the day. I am lucky in that I work mornings and late afternoons so I can get the rest I need then happily go to work for my afternoon shift which right now I do manage quite well. The downside is betime you get something to eat, get housework done, chores, shopping etc, you have no time left for most other things. (Hence the absence of any updates here!)

I am at a point now, I need to change things in my daily life to give me more time to do things like this blog, and still keep going each day. If I can get things done earlier, faster or even skip things on some days, I hope this will give me more of a chance to do things that I want to do, not just what I have to do. With this in mind, today I have manged to finally make a little rare time for myself.

So, today is an update of what is happening now. (The clue is in the blog title!)

Every year for the past 5 or 6 years I have suffered from a debilitating cough that as yet no one has found the cause of. It takes a heavy set of anti-biotics with penicillin to clear it up and I toddle along with life. This year turned out to be very different with far reaching consequences for me as well as a huge amount of luck on my side.

Thinking back is scary as I consider what could have been if everything had taken place one week later.…

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I Played EverQuest

Posted 29/10/2017


I am a fantasy gamer. I love playing RPGs & MMORPGs. I played many fantasy games starting on my first computer, a commodore 64. I then upgraded to a massive Amiga 1200. Finally I embraced the world of windows based personal computers, the PC. I then began playing the game which changed my view of fantasy games for ever, EverQuest. I played EQ for about 8 years before retiring. Afterwards I entered the world of EverQuest 2 and then ventured into the World of Warcraft.Original EverQuest Full Game giveaway disc Original EverQuest Full Game giveaway disc




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World Of Warcraft Transmogs The Mage

Posted 27/10/2017

In my last blog I posted images for my Transmog ideas for my World Of Warcraft Hunters and Warlocks. Today I am looking at the Mage. They come in three flavours Arcane, Fire & Frost. I found the Arcane class easiest to play, and Fire hardest with Frost being somewhat in the middle.

I often prefered holding a spellbook with a dagger but found the odds were heavily tilted towards more power with a staff which often annoyed me! The idea of a mage carrying a spellbook was always close to my heart.

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World Of Warcraft Transmogs Hunter and Warlock

Posted 25/10/2017

I have played World of Warcraft for years but when the latest expansion came out, Legion, I lost all interest in the game. The changes that were made impacted gameplay right down to level 1 and it became a game of pushing maybe 1 button, waiting to refresh before you pressed it again. This latest expansion also forced players to run dungeons and even raid to advance anywhere further in the game. Add to that fact your "artefact" that you get at the start of that expansion is your only real usable weapon, plus the absolute mega nerf of my favourite expansion Warlords of Draenor just finally removed any further desire for me to log in.

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Sweet Music (updated!)

Posted 23/10/2017

Brian Connolly - Lead singer of SweetBrian Connolly - Lead singer of SweetI am a lifelong Sweet fan. I love their music especially their own music, written and performed by them on their rock albums. If only things had been different....

I grew up with Glam Rock and I loved it. Born in 1964, I was still very much a sweet little girl when the 70s started and Bubblegum music hit the scene. I really enjoyed the vibrant and lively music that was easy to sing along with.

Then one day I was watching Top Of The Pops (back in those days there was very little choice of TV unlike now!) One of the bands featured was called The Sweet singing a very catchy little ditty called Funny Funny... I LOVED it!





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So I Joined Instagram

Posted 10/10/2017

We all see these Follow Me images for InstagramWe all see these Follow Me images for InstagramToday there are so many different social media platforms, it is impossible to join them all unless you do social media as a a full time job!

I, like many others use a few social sites (check my Social Media page for links!) that I post mainly memes on plus some other daft stuff!

Anyway a couple of months ago I joined Instagram. I had joined it a few months ago, got lost, and quit out thinking the account was gone and deleted, but lo and behold when I decided to retry and recreated my account I had followers! That took me by surprise! Didn't expect that!









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My Breast Cancer Story Pt3

Posted 10/9/2017

I had finished my treatment. It felt odd. Suddenly I was alone, discharged for now from the hospital, I was not due back for a few months! I did not know what to expect. I was a mess. I was fat, bloated, tired, in pain, no hair, no energy and no self esteem. I was going to be on Tamoxifen for a few years and that has a weight gain side effect! How long was this all to last! Everything I had read said you could expect to feel good again by about three months, and I had absolutely no idea how! I was a real mess. How do you start again, pick up where you left off.

First of all, at home I had a horrible gas cooker. My landlord had said He would get me an electrical cooker point installed when I was ready. I wanted an electric oven in time for Christmas. I was praying that by then surely I would have some taste back! I got in touch. Yes it would be sorted. true to his word beginning of December arrived the electrician and fitted my long wanted cooker point and he even fitted my brand new electric oven. For the first time in months I felt good. I couldn't taste anything but I was ready!

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My Breast Cancer Story Pt2

Posted 8/9/2017

So it has been a long while. My life has changed so much in many ways since I had my mastectomy. The chemotherapy treatment was very hard. Next came recovery, getting back to work and all along I have been left with very acute tiredness that means each day I have to go back to bed to rest in order to get through the day.

Anyway, my last blog ended with me having the mastectomy and going home to recover. I found out that I had had a 5.5cm cancerous lump removed, and also it had been found in 15/16 lymph nodes. That was a shock. This also made me think, it is in my system, it has travelled, it has moved beyond. That thought has never left me, and still haunts me now. But life goes on and I have to keep fighting, I have a son who I love very very much. I have to get through this.

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My Breast Cancer Story

Posted 31/5/2016

Hug In a BagHug In a BagI have been gone a while.

So much has happened this year.

It started out bad but went downhill at a fast rate.

On May 3rd 2016 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

It was a shock! There was no cancer in my family, anywhere that I knew of! I have never smoked. I hadn't drunk since my twenties! I hated the sun. I had tried to live a good life, was not over healthy but made some adjustments that were suppose to help.

No one can prepare you for something like this. No one really expects to get cancer. Even with the odds at 1 in 3 would get cancer, you still do nor expect it to be you. The sad fact is, now, anyone born after 1960 has a 1 in 2 chance of getting it. I fell into that category.

I have decided to tell my cancer story, hopefully it may help others on this very difficult journey.


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Joys of Public Transport

Posted 29/1/2016

In this modern day of cars, many people still use, and rely on public transport, but is it still a public service? It now often depends on what service you use. What is public transport? Usually buses and trains. The problem is these are no longer run as a public necessity but as a profit making business.

I use both. The bus daily for work, the train for recreation on days out etc. I do have a valid, clean driving licence but the cost of running a car today means for me it is not worth it.

It is due to the way my local buses are run that has made me reconsider getting the monthly bus pass that I currently buy and making plans to go back to my own form of transport - walking!

Basically, the way modern buses are run, is it really worth it if walking is an option? In my case, no.

This is why...

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Rescued Moma and Kittens

Posted 16/1/2016

The four rescued kittensThe four rescued kittensOk, hopefully you have already read my blog "Stray Cat with Kittens"? This is the next part. We got moma stray cat and the 4 kittens safe and warm with us. it was hectic, 4 tiny 5 week old kittens with a wild stray cat, this was going to be fun. We started out by naming mom Sweetie as that was what we had been calling her, but both my son and I felt it didn't suit her.

Thinking hat on...



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We Lost and Found Our Cat

Posted 15/1/2016

Our Black Cat - EbonyOur Black Cat - EbonyWe have a beautiful black cat called Ebony. She was the sister of  Nimbus, the cat we lost (Loss Of a Loved One). She enjoyed going out on a night raking, as all cats do. I have always let my cats out, they are nocturnal creatures. Yes they are hunters too, but that is who they are. Hug amchines with teeth and claws that love to bring you gifts, and they dont mind if they are alive or dead!

One morning, she wasn't home for breakfast. At first we were not too worried but after an hour or so, it was getting light, still no sign of her, we started calling her.


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Stray Cat with Kittens

Posted 14/1/2016

The Stray Moma Cat Living In a HedgeThe Stray Moma Cat Living In a HedgeIt has been a while since I have been on here as things started happening last year that took me away from most of my web building work, both on my sites and the other sites they I was managing. Things have now calmed down to a point and I am getting back to normal but with a few changes in my life.

I am now only doing my websites.  I am no longer managing the other sites from last year.  It was something I had to do for very many reasons, both personal and professional. My time is not as it was and the stress associated with doing the other sites is something I have decided i needed to cut out of my life.

The second change is cats!  Two things happened last year that have had a profound effect on me, and my son. Those who follow my Facebook page and / or my Twitter feed will have an idea about.  It is those two things that this blog is about.




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Kittens Are Growing!

Posted 19/8/2015

So my kittens are growing up fast! Icarus has now been neutered so there is now no possibility of little marshmallows! He has also been microchipped, he is all grown up  although he is still very much a kitten. Aria is still a baby. She came to me so young and she is still so small, it is easy to forget she is still very much a kitten. They have both settled in to the family like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and have intergrated well with my other cats.

From left to right Smudge - Aria - Minx - IcarusFrom left to right Smudge - Aria - Minx - Icarus

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Meet My Cat Family

Posted 5/7/2015

My son calls me The Crazy Cat Lady! Why? We have 5 cats of various ages. I am at my happiest when I have a houseful of cats, if I could have more, I would!

All my cats are mogs! All but the latest were rescued or came from feral farm cats.

So my cats consists of 3 tabbies, a tortoiseshell, and a black with a small splash of white on his front. Their names are Minx, Smudge, Ebony, Icarus and Aria.

These are my family cats.

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From Feral to Family Pt2

Posted 28/6/2015

Aria is now 8 weeks old and is going from strength to strength. She has turned out to be a very loving, gentle kitten without any signs at all of ever being a feral. Healthy and alert, she is clean and a joy to have around,

It has been very many years since I took in my first feral cat. This time round it has turned out to be the easiest experience of having any kitten yet.

Most of my life I have taken adult cats from rescue centres or had cats passed onto me in need of a home. When I heard of this little feral kitten the only one of the litter, it just had to be.

So what is she like?

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Final Addition - My Long Haired Kitten

Posted 28/6/2015

Aria, our feral kitten is growing and I was now looking for a companion for her round about the same age but I decided it would be a long haired only. This time I would be firm, long haired or nothing as this would be the last addition to my family.

By utter chance, two days ago, on Friday I looked at a web page that detailed local ads offering cats and kittens for sale and noticed at the top a new local ad with a picture of an absolutely charming fluffy kitten face. I read the add.

A litter of 15 week old kittens were ready for their forever homes, a silver tabby and a black, both short haired, a long haired silver tabby and a long haired silver-brown tabby. The advert said contact by text. I did.... 20 minutes later I was at the bus stop heading across town, I was the first person to enquire.

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